TStat10 - Remove scrolling IP address from Display

The TStat10 when connected to WiFi scrolls the devices IP address on the display. This is handy during setup/configuration but we need it hidden when deployed to our customer sites. Can this be done and if so how? Also, could the string being scrolled across the screen be changed to a custom message that we would specify?

We also would like to control the icons that are displayed on the last line of the display. Is there any update on that topic?


We’re working on the features you describe… need a little time with it though. Stand by for updates in the coming weeks on this (not months).

Ok, where is this at? Last post was June and we are approaching October.

Apologies on the slow response. Have been tied up with various projects, will bump it up.

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I am prototyping a subcomponent of a product utilizing a T3-OEM (non-Wifi) which we will communicate to via MODBUS. At a minimum we need to be able to turn off/clear the scrolling message and icons. Ultimately, we will likely use these features if we can programmatically control the scrolling text and replace the Icons with ones more appropriate for our application. Have you made any progress on this?

We’ll be adding some customizing features for the display soon. There’s a few tings we’ve promised that need to be cleaned up first with emails for the alarms being top priority. Custom LCD features is up soon. You are welcome to have a try doing your own features, the source code for the project is here: http://github.com/temcocontrols/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32