Technical documents state that the standard TSTAT8 model thermostat can be set to BACNET or MODBUS protocol.
After receiving a TSTAT8 I Found it to be configured for MODBUS protocol from factory. I have been trying to change the protol to BACNET via the menu code Ptc but it only has MODBUS As a selection and BACNET does not exist.
Can someone please tell me why this is and how do I go about setting the TSTAT8 to BACNET?
I have the latest revision firmware update installed in both the TSTAT AND T300O software.

There’s a couple of ways to switch the protocol. The quickest is to use the keypad menu system. Hold the left and right arrow keys down simultaneously for approximately five seconds to bring up the keypad menu system. Then use the left and right arrow keys to maneuver to the protocol item and finally use the up & down keys to adjust the protocol.

Normally you’ll want to adjust settings of the thermostats using the T3000 front end which you can download from here: https://temcocontrols.com/ftp/software/T3000.zip
Install the software and connect to the thermostat over RS485, then click on the scan icon at tab1 to discover the device. It should show up in the tree on the left at tab2. Select the item from the tree and then click the gear icon at tab3 which brings up the details dialog, from there click on the communications settings at tab4.

And finally adjust the protocol at tab5.

Keep in mind that the T3000 front end may lose connectivity with the device once its in Bacnet mode, depending on how you are connected and how many devices are on the subnet. If you are connected to a single device over the RS485/USB com port then T3000 can scan and discover devices no matter what protocol and baud rate setting. If you are connected via the T3 controller on a subnet you will have to switch the protocol of the T3 controller subnet, you can do that here:


If you are having difficulties discovering and managing devices with T3000 you can adjust the communications parameters using Bacnet AV’s using any general purpose bacnet tool, here’s a view of the Tstat8 using the free bacnet Yabe tool.