Problem with communicating TEMCO T3 BB and Tstat8

The Controller,does not shows the Tsat on the tree. The Tstat8 gives a message: Bac Net MSTP is detected.
This is the network screen

ANybody knows why?

Becasue your Tstat8’s protocol is Modbus right now and the T3 controller is set for Bacnet (MSTP).
The best way to integrate the Tstat8 is with Bacnet protocol so on the Tstat8 you would go into the menu system by pressing the two outermost buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, a menu pops up and you can scroll around till you see the "Protocol’ option, set this to bacnet in order to match the T3 controller setting which is also Bacnet (MSTP).


Thanks Lijun!I will try again.What is the default speed?

You can also use the keypad menu system on the Tstat8 to adjust the baud rate, I beleive the default is 19.2 kBaud.

Additionally: When you hit the magnifying glass to do a scan from T3000 it will automatically scan on all baud rates & protocols till the subnet devices are detected.