Tstat10 vs T3-OEM

What’s the difference between the Tstat10 and the T3-OEM?

From the Shop description, I can tell that the OEM is packaged differently, and has two additional AO. I’m interested in the firmware and programmability difference.

Also, the T3-OEM description says that “each human controller has Ethernet and RS485 ports”, but I see no mention of an Ethernet port in the documentation for any of the Tstat’s - only in the T3-Nano and T3-BB/LB/TB. In my mind a “human controller” is a thermostat, but maybe you meant"programmable controller" instead? Does the T3-OEM have an Ethernet port like the T3-BB series?

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They run the same firmware so they’re very much the same. We did the T3-OEM for a ceiling fan application and it needed some high speed inputs, that’s the main difference.

I’ll have to check the wording about those ‘human controllers’, sounds like some bad grammar there.

Thanks for the reply and for updating the T3-OEM Description.