T3-OEM-W change firmware to Tstat8

Hello everyone, I hope you are very well, I am writing to you from Chile, the first time we work with temco controllers specifically
T3-OEM-W, Our installation consists of 4 air handlers with supply and return fans, with 0-10Vdc motorized valves for hot and cold coils. temperature sensors for return impulsion and outside air, in addition to the status of fans with differential air pressure switches and, in addition, an AFS-200 air flow meter for ducts. The application is more similar to the functions of a Tstat8 Thermostat.
Is it possible to load configuration of a Tstat8 in a T3-OEM-W?,

I need help

Thank you very much in advance

Yes it is possible, but double check if the UIOs still the settings is correctly configured e.g. scale values, type of inputs etc.

Hello, the channel assignment is correct, in UI 1,2 and 3 they appear open because they are not currently connected, but previously they were loaded with 10K type3 probes and they read normally.
The controllers and probes are already installed in the air handlers, we are waiting for the software to put them into service.
please leave us instructions for software change

best regards

Claudio Sarce