Tstat10 RH calibration

Tsta10 RH input shows as virtual on the inputs page and doesn’t respond to calibration inputs. This leads to the question where is the RH value coming from and why can’t it be calibrated. I’m sure the “virtual” input type has something to do with it

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Its possible the device doesnt have the humidity option. The user interface is supposed to make that clear. Some versions of firmware and T3000 front end are rather rushed out as new hardware versions become available which can cause confusion. Try updating both the device firmware and also the T3000 front end and hopefully things are more clear.


Getting this tstat10 figured out. Have it working pretty well using external software to program all the registers using Modbus.

One issue I’m trying to figure out is the 2 analog outputs. When I set one of them up for 0-10vdc output and set that output for 5, or 5vdc. I get nothing. DO I need to supply the a power supply for the Analog outputs of does the unit convert the 24VAC I have powering it into vdc output?

Based on your diagram it looks as though measuring the voltage across A01 and GND should read the vdc the output is set for. I’m obviously missing something here.


Scott Lohman

The analog outputs are indeed powered directly by the on board 24VAC supply. There is no need to add extra power supplies to get 10V outputs. One thing to watch is that if you are using DC you will need about 15VDC to get the full 10V on the outputs. To test the analog output, configure it as analog output of course, set a certain value in T3000 and measure the screw terminal with respect to GND which is the lower terminal. Show a few screen shots and photos of your testing if you cannot get it going.


I’ll test it again. I did exactly what you described but couldn’t measure any vdc value from A01.


Show a screenshot so we can see the range and so on from T3000.