Tstat7: 0-10V input range isn't working

Valve modulating feedback signal of 2-10Vdc is connected to 1 out of 4 AI of Tstat7. At Input setup selection either 0-100% (2) or Voltage (14), the analog input displayed not the correct value. For example I used Voltage (14) mode if the input is 10Vdc, the displayed value is 11.97V. While when the input is 2Vdc, it displayed 8.00 Vdc.

My expectation as normal should be as signal inout 10Vdc = the display should be 10Vdc at T3000.

Need assistance on the analog input setup.


There is a field just to the right of what you are showing here, its the signal type setting. Hopefully its there. The Tstat7 may not have all the options there.

Hi Maurice,

Which field or tab that you are referring to? Kindly assist . I’ve tried all options already, but couldn’t get the value as mentioned.

I will check when I get to my PC but if you dont see it… for the Tstat7, sounds like it doesnt have the 0-10V range setting. Sorry about this.

Hi Maurice,

Then can you explain these 2 option of “2” & “14”? These 2 option allows you to select either “0-5v” or 0-10v

Sorry, the question is for these 2 options are used for what application?

Lijun will check into this with you. The two ranges are indeed what you need but it seems the Tstat7 is not behaving well. There is a calibration field that might help get you through this. More news soon.

Thanks Maurice,
Hope to hear some progress on the matter cause I’m in the midst of delivering a project which use Tstat7.

Hello Nik,

I’m sorry, Tstat7 is an early product of ours and functions such as the range on the inputs are no longer sync’d up properly between the T3000 interface and the hardware. Normally we’d dig in and fix this but the people supporting this product have moved on. We’re planning a new version based on the ESP32 which will support all the functions and support of the latest T3 controllers and new Tstat10. The hardware is in layout now and we should have samples in a couple of weeks.

Hi Lijun, So you’ll will producing a new hardware version of Tstat7 to cater for this analog input issue right?

Yes, a new version of the hardware, already started the layout. Hard to say when it will be ready but its not… too… long.