TStat10 Modbus registers accessibility

I have been looking but so far have not found the information I require regarding Modbus registers so I have the following questions:

  1. How do we access readable Modbus registers from within code to make use of their values?

  2. Is there a way to expose custom modbus registers to the network in order to provide additional data to the TStat10 or to expose arbitrary values for retrieval or update by another modbus device?

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Use the T3000 → tools → Modbus register viewer, there you can see all the register names, the data types and the current value.

Also you can see the database of all the registers under T3000 → tools → Modbus register DB.

All the Tstat10 registers are exposed on the RS485 network and if it has Wifi over the LAN. You can read & write to the registers, block read & write are also supported.


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Got it. Thanks for the clarification!

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