TSTAT10 display deadband/single digit

Is there a way to display only a single digit on one of the variables that display on the screen? Customer wants a deadband and can’t figure out how to set it.

We can display 1, 2, 3 and so on for any of the variables on the display but I guess the client is after something a little different. Can you clarify what you have tried and what the client is asking for. We will work on it asap.

I have tried to set VAR 1 to single digit, but it seems to only go to 20. The customer wants to have a setpoint along with a deadband for control. For instance, a setpoint of 70 and deadband of 2 would mean that cooling setpoint is 72 and heating is 68.

I’m not sure I have this right but I think you are looking to let the user adjust the deadband from the keypad. You could do that by changing the usual FAN mode to a Deadband parameter like so. Then the user can adjust the deadband from the keypad.

It might make more sense to let the user adjust the heat and cool setpoint independently. Then in your control basic program you could limit the two setpoints so that cooling setpoint never goes higher than the heating setpoint and vice versa.

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