Troubles communicating to T3 controller using certain routers

I can confirm that on arm version of T3-BB there is an issue with Ethernet interface. It doesn’t work with enterprise level switch like HP Procurve. The counter of RX frames on T3-BB always equal to zero while there are TX frames on switch.
When I connect a cable to Xiaomi Ethernet-USB converter it works fine and communication is OK, but it’s very inconvenient to work this way.

which version of ARM ?

Hi Nick,
Hardware version 28, PIC version 22, Top version 40, MCU 49.4. Both CPUs are ARM STM32F103ZET6.

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Philip: Pretty sure I mentioned to you that some of the older original Asix based controllers did have trouble with certain routers. There’s no hard & fast method for troubleshooting this other than trying a different router till you find one that works. The newer Arm based controllers which have been in production for a couple of years now do not have this issue. .


Yes, but now I speak about ARM version. It really not working with ProCurve switch.

And it works with other switches?


Yes, it works perfectly with a simple unmanaged 100 Mbps Planet switch. So now I have to place this Planet switch between my Procurve and T3-BB in order to communicate it. But it’s very inconvenient and not reliable.
My HP Procurve 3500yl is 1000/100/10 Mbps. I already tried to make appropriate port 10 Mbps - Full Duplex, Half Duplex, MDI and MDIX. I disabled there flow-control and everything other smart functions but without success.

Which model Procurve? We will try to round one up and repeat your issue.

ProCurve 3500yl-48G-PWR (J8693A)

Hmm, that’s a bit pricey or I would just pick one up.

How about a wireshark capture of the data you see on the lan, with and without the Planet switch in between. If you can please send us a capture both ways I will have the team look through that at least.

Its been a while but there were reports of the Ethernet chip causing trouble with certain hubs. After studying up on the issue the team picked a new Ethernet chip but it hasn’t gotten into production yet. Side benefit is it supports 100M connections. We will put a push on that now.

Since we all use ethernet switches instead of hubs for many years it is not so easy to capture ethernet traffic. I’m going to make port mirroring and capture it by this way. But I have to be connected directly to the same switch. I will do it today or tomorrow.

We’re standing by to help out, and putting a push on to get a new Ethernet chip into production. Its been on the backburner too long.

Unfortunately nothing interesting is there. T3 behaves as it accept no one frame. So it asks a lot of times about MAC of router with ARP request, sends a DHCP Discovery and doesn’t react to DHCP Offer and so on. It fully corresponds to counters on T3’s display: RX counter is not increasing.
When I connect it through the simple switch everything get fine.
I sent pcap files your over email.

Thanks Philip, we have been able to repeat the issue and are working on a solution. More news early next week.

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