New User - T3-BB Network Comm Issues

New User, just bringing a T3-BB-32i online. SW: 50.1

Initially plugged into my main switch and powered up the T3-BB. The unit initially booted with its IP address.

I was able to see this in my DHCP table in the router and reserved the MAC to a 0.150 address.

Rebooted router and the T3-BB LCD pulled the 0.150 IP.
I was never able to ping via cmd or find via search over my existing network, even though a connection obviously existed.

I grabbed a spare laptop and loaded the T3000 software and connected directly to the T3-BB with a standard patch cable (non crossover) via a USB-Ethernet dongle.

Setup the laptop on same range and a near IP (0.149). I was able to scan the T3-BB into the software.

The connection was very erratic, health was often 0% always less than 100%. Frequently dropping completely offline, freezing T3000, and every command/button/tab within T3000 was slow. When health would go to 0% cmd would no longer ping.
A restart of the T3-BB would restart the comms and things would be partially alive for a few minutes.

IF, I restart the T3-BB and immediately ping 0.150 -t for a continuous ping… All things are magic, communication/health is 100%, pings are all fast and consistent and T3000 software runs immensely better.

Ideas on why this is the case? Is the ethernet connection on the T3-BB going idle?

Good sleuthing BNold, there’s been similar reports of the magic ping solution but so far we have not been able to repeat it. Could you try with a different hub/router to get started. Also show us some similar screen shots of the PC/Lan/IP setup like the snips below.

Finally, if you could send a wireshark capture maybe that will reveal some clues. Thanks for your efforts here.

Dear BNold:
You can use static IP to solve your current problems, it could be related to settings on your router so do give it a try on another switch, router or hub. We are doing some testing here on the various switches and routers in the office here and do see bad communications on one of them, a Dlink 3028 which is a managed switch with a lot of settings which we will be experimenting with now. Interestingly on the low end routers & hubs the communications is better.


The Dlink Des3028 managed switch operates in auto mode and selects 10M/Half Duplex/ No flow control for the Ethernet connection. The connection is not very reliable, typically around 80% and dropping some ping requests.

Another router, a lower end Dlink 1016A , this is an unmanaged switch so we cannot see the mode of oepration as to Flow control or not, but it operates at 100% network health and drops no pings.

A direct connection to my PC works poorly, around 30% health and dropping many pings. Possibly a crossover cable would be better.

In Summary; The network hardware does matter, give it a try on other routers/hubs/switches to see if that helps.

The IPs are assigned via DHCP reservation.

Even though they are listed as DHCP they are in fact static.

When connected via the laptop and dongle, the laptop was configured statically as it is not typically part of the network.

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If the device selected DHCP.
But without a normal DHCP Router,T3-BB cannot obtain the IP address.T3-BB will use the last correct static IP address.

PS:Your Firmware version need update
Yours version 50.1
Newest version 60.3