Trouble shooting

Have a T3-LB has been working fine for a couple years or so now. Check on system ever 3 months or so and can connect no problem this time can not fined it on front end. have tried all the trouble shooting that is recommended hooked straight to lap top 100 % losses when pinged and will not show up when searched. we need to get access as we are making some changes to system.

Hmm, hard to way what might be going on from the description so far. I assume the heartbeat LED is blinking with a steady single blip every second or so. If its blinking with two blips that means there’s a problem with the firmware.

If you have more gear around I’d swap items around and see if the problem follows one thing or another: PC, cable, router and controller all need to be ruled out.

Update your T3000 front end, if you havent done that in a while you’re best off to download from the zip file and do a complete re-install from that. If you’ve updated recently then you can do the T3000 -> help -> check for updates method.

You can try pinging the device if you know the IP address.

Standing by to help out.

Thanks. Yes have heartbeat, I do have another controller I plugged in and found it instantly, so every thing is ruled out. I up dated front end. the strange thing is that the TX and RX do not blink and on other units it Transmits (TX) a lot. cycled power have been trying for days now it is like it lost its ability to communicate. I see it was on system as the IP address is on my IP scanner but no connection to it every time I scan

TX on the rs485 ports means that port is set to bacnet protocol. TX on the ethernet port on the other hand… not sure what that would mean.

Update: So reading through the above notes, it looks like you have a hardware issue.
Its not clear which port you are referring to about the TX leds but if you cannot ping it and its not replying to a scan from the T3000 front end that would be my guess.