Trend Logs


I updated the T3000 host software last weekend and I can no longer see the analog values on the trends. I tried clearing the local data several times, and the monitor data, reentered the analog values. All devices have the most currently available firmware as well as the host is current. The only points that display on the trends are the digital points. I even reentered all trend points and performed a few software reboots.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue. The only thing I haven’t tried is to power cycle the T-3000 BB - which I can’t do until I go on site later this week.

The trends have been working fairly well for many months so the only thing I have changed was to update firmware and software.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


There are two ways to delete trend log data, one is for deleting the local copy on your PC at Tab2 and the other is to delete the data on the controller’s SD card at Tab1. Chelsea is explaining to me that the trend log data on the SD card has gotten large and the T3000 front end takes a while to download it all. Could you try letting the PC wait while the data downloads to your PC please.

We will do some more testing here and speed up the download. I realize folks are expecting the graphic to pop up in around two seconds, even if it means showing just the latest few seconds / minutes of the trend log first and updating the rest slowly in the background. That’s the goal and we’ll get there soon.