Time Change and Schedule Issue

So, on Sunday (end DST) I received a call about one of my projects - the facility maintenance person said that two of their building’s fan systems started an hour before scheduled time. I accessed the control system and checked the time settings. The time settings were correct. I checked the trends and sure enough both fans started an hour early. T3-LB firmware was 60.8 and the host software wasn’t the most current. I updated the host software but not the LB firmware because I wasn’t on site. Host update didn’t fix the schedule/time issue.

The schedules had the correct times in them, the time in settings was correct, but the system apparently remained in DST. I’m ‘Alaska time’ so it may just be a bug specific to Alaska?

I’m having a similar issue right now at a medical clinic where I have a T3-BB, two T3-LB and 15 T-Stat-10 devices.

The three controllers are at 61.1 and the T-Stat-10s are at 60.6. I also updated the host when I arrived on site 15 hours ago. So, everything has the latest firmware and software.

I sync with local host PC - no time server available. starting yesterday, when I update the time on any device, T3-BB, LB or Tstats the time will jump back an hour. If I uncheck DST nothing changes…which surprised me. I used to be able to get around the time bug by playing with the DST check box. Well, I guess that isn’t going to get me around the time bug any longer.

Just an FYI that Alaska needs help keeping time, schedules…and customers happy.


Chelsea will report back shortly.


Thank you Maurice!

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