Daylight Savings Time in a Program

The daylight savings moved the clocks forward an hour yesterday in the EST timezone, however, the Tstat10 program “TIME” variable is not adjusting for the change. The correct time shows on the configuration page, but in a program using the “TIME” variable the time is an hour behind. Our equipment started up an hour late this morning as a result. Any suggestions on a fix would be appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: I should also mention I’m running the latest T3000 and Tstat10 firmware (60.1)

Could I ask you to update both the T3000 front end and then update the device firmware. There were some issues with Win10 machines, daylight savings time and also leap years but this has all settled down with the latest versions, as far as I know.

Note: Make sure to update T3000 first as it can handle the various versions of the bootloader better.


Both the T3000 and Tstat10 are running the latest versions.

OK thanks for confirming. I will investigate and report back shortly.

Please update T3000 and latest firmware rev61.3. We added some settings to let you configure the start and end dates of daylight saving time, it varies depending on your location.