Temco controller hardware versions

I have had a few Temco controllers for about two years now, most are hardware version 7s and one is hardware version 9.

I’ve been reading a lot of different topics on the forums and have seen several posts showing devices with hardware versions of 22 or higher. Do these hardware versions hold any significance to the devices performance in communication or capabilities? I still keep mine updated with the latest firmware versions, and the devices use the firmware just fine, and have no issues with the latest versions of the Controller Software as well. So my main question as well would be what the hardware versions are in reference to, and if devices with old hardware versions will ever be something that will need to be replaced?

The main changes in hardware are related to hardening up the product, making them more tolerant of voltage surges and wiring mistakes. There was one major change a couple years back where we changed the CPU from an ‘Asix’ to the current ‘STM32F’ based CPU. The Asix hardware supports firmware version 53.2 and only gets updated when there’s major issues. Soon we’ll have an ESP32 based cpu which has a lot more rom & ram space and will be where the new features come out.

The T3000 front end handles all of the mechanics of the firmware update process so all you have to do is go to T3000 → help → check for updates and it will handle the rest. If there’s an update available for your particular device the system will help you pick the right firmware.