T3000 Revisions for the software release of Feb 19, 2020

  1. Fixed and issue where Tstat or other device connected to a subnetwork of the T3-XX contrller, while updating firmware there is an error message like so. Update T3000 front end and firmware updates proceed normally over the RS485 subnetworks.

  2. Improved the device display online/offline problem. The device is actually online but shows a red X in the tree periodically.
    Need to update the T3-XX firmware version to 50.1

  3. Improved reliability of communications in general, more responsive while maneuvering in the tree from device to device. T3000 handles larger systems better.
    TBD: Firmware update on T3-XX controller itself, only an issue in larger systems more than 50 subnet devices or so.

  4. Handle communications settings better. Guard against improper settings.
    TBD: Enable two MSTP subnets, currently our products only support one MSTP subnet.