T3000 Revisions for the software release of Mar 19, 2019

  1. Fix bugs in the user interface for the CO2 sensors, was not able to change the output signal scaling parameters for “Min Out scale” and “Max Out Scale”.

  2. Fix the CO2_NODE , now can show the temperature from the humidity chip rather than the on board thermister. The humidity chip sensor is more accurate than the thermistor.

  3. Custom digital range ,“Inverse” and “Direct” were not working correclty for all custom digital ranges. This requires a firmware update on the T3TB/BB/LB series controller.

4.Add “Signal type” 1k PT for new sensor range. This requires the latest T3-XX hardware with 1k Pt capable input module. Older hardware can be easily upgraded by swapping a module, contact us if you would like some of the new modules.

  1. Can now adjust the signal type from withing the programming editor. .

5.ISPTool now supports firmware updates for the new Arm CPU based PM5E panel mount zone controller.

6.Improved TCP/IP communications, the TCP/IP connection from the PC to the T3 controllers will intermittently be disconnected under heavy traffic to multiple sources, T3000 will automatically resume the connection in the background.

7.Fix the bug when load a prog file into a panel , but the schedule data didn’t save into the panel .


can you send me the PM5E_Rev6_8.hex

PM5E_Rev6_9.hex (367.8 KB)

Updated: The best way to get the latest firmware is to connect to the device and from within T3000 go to Help → Check for updates → Download Firmware. You can also update T3000 itself from this same dialog.

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