T3TB Asix date sync issue

Each time i refresh controller it asks for date change. If i change date and refresh controller again it asks for change again

T3000April 16 Firmware52.8

Firmware52.6; 52.5

Looks like firmware 52.8 “adding” one day, previous versions adds 3 days. We have a progress.

Make sure you have the 3 day nag screen checkox ticked. Update the firmware while you’re at it, there have been some fixes for daylight savings time features recently that are related.


Ticked 3 day nag screen checkox. Tried to upoload firmware, restart t3000 and reload firmware again, doesn’t help. +1d
Regular controllers ar fine, issue only with Asix.

Please update rev52.9. We fixed this issue. I already uploaded it.