PID Troubleshooting

I used PM5E for fancoil control in Cooling mode
I do the next PID input but I have a problem for the fan speed control with a lag of 1°C the fan works for 3 seconds and stops and this action repeats this several times minutes


the input sometimes does not work the T3000 software makes a bug and the interface close abruptly

I have a setpoint 26 ° C and the ambient temperature 26.5 ° C but the PM5E works on the Cool1
but will be off

There are some delays which may give you unexpected results, please check through all the delay settings like changeover delay and the various output short cycle delays.

I assume you have updated the T3000 front end and the device firmware. If not you can do that through T3000-> Help ->Update firmware/T3000.

After doing that and if you still have troubles, please send me your config file and I will have a look through it. You can save it using T3000 -> File ->Save as

Hello Maurice,
when I set up the setpoint on the T3000 software, do not change
I integrated the PM5-E via the Niagara AX, it’s the same problem I can not do the stpoint creation

I will need a little more info than this SBA. I just checked with the team and see that we dont have Bacnet on that PM5E just yet. We’ll add it ASAP as it will make integrating with Niagara much easier.

We can still integrate with Niagara using Modbus, our T3000 software has a Modbus register viewer tool which will he helpful, access it from T3000 -> tools -> Modbus register list.

In general, connect using T3000 to get started and make sure you can read what you’re after from there. Then advance to the Niagara environment once you know which registers you’re dealing with and know that data is coming through the RS485 connection.

Show me a few screen shots of what you have tried and I’ll make better suggestions.

Hello maurice,
I try with the T3000, change the setpoint but do not change
the setpoint change is allowed only by the keypad
I do not have the hand to change the setpoint by the T3000 software


or the change of inputs and is not allowed

Could you show us what you see here. We did notice the device is quite an old one for us and T3000 is not managing it well. If you have only a handful of old devices, we’d like to upgrade your units to the latest hardware rather than spend a lot of work on this.


OK, this is the latest Arm version. We will do some checking and report back shortly.

Do the sliders here work? That’s where you’d normally adjust the setpoints from the PC.

even prolem, I adjust it but when I refresh the T3000, the setpoint returned to the default state

Sounds like intermittent communication. What do you see down here on the bottom status line:


OK, we will try to duplicate the issue here.

What is the modbus address for setpoint writable

Please check the T3000 Modbus Register Viewer tool, its very useful for debugging and integrating with Modbus.

If you have trouble locating the register number I can dig into it more for you.


Does not work

Fandu will check it, some products haven’t been added to the database yet. Stand by for news shortly.

Update: This has been added to the todo list, we have a couple things to clear up before we cna get to this though. In the mean time could I ask you to manually check the registers using the MbPoll Tool rather than the Register Viewer tool, its more work I realize but this is one way to get you going now.
Here’s the spreadsheet showing all the modbus registers for all our devices:

And here’s how to access the Modbus Poll tool:

Can you send mes the old firmware

You can manually download old versions of firmware from here:

Maurice Duteau

the 2 file does not work