T3000 Register Viewer - list not found error

Using T3000 - Nov 27, 2020 . 16
My device was discovered and connected to.
Listed under Local Network >> CO2-W-NET

When I click Tools >> Register Viewer I get an error that states. “The register list for the corresponding product was not found”

How do I fix this?

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I don’t know if this helps or not, but I’ve been through the code for T3000 and found that the register list is stored in RegisterListDb.mdb. I looked in that database and I’m not sure what table (if any) my devices registers are in. I don’t know the device ID and can’t seem to find it. Playing with modbus and trying to see registers that might match to tell me if I have the right table doesn’t help either. I could really use some help here. I can’t use the devices until I get this figured out.

Is there possibly an updated RegisterListDB.mdb I can download or am I missing something?

I was able to get the T3000 code to compile finally and found that the code is searching for product ID 210 which is not in the database. Where can I get an updated RegisterListDB.mdb?

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Fandu will push an updated database to the repo, sounds like from your other emails that you figured out it was missing one product ID which was causing errors.

Fandu will push it to the github repo.