T3000 Not communicating with controller, interfacing to Honeywell VFD


I have had a number of problems with the T3000, a T3-TB controller and trying to integrate a VDF brand TECO (3rd party) into my bacnet network. I describe them below.

T3000.- When the program starts, a window appears.
“Attempted an unsupported operation.” I click on accept and it seems that everything is fine except for the mesaje of the window.

T3-TB.- The controller has stopped communicating in backnet the mesages are as follows:
No bacnet command replay from panel. Do you want to reset the network of this panel "
Anyway (yes / no) I can no longer communicate with the panel …

TECO .- this is more a question and if it is possible to know how …
Can third-party devices (TECO N3 VDF with BacNet / Modbus communication card) be integrated into the BacNet MS / TP network and use the network points to control monitoring from a T3?

Thank you for your attention and support.

Ok, la versión 17.5.5 parece que funciona y no no mas mensajes de error al iniciar. Gracias…mi TB sigue igual … la integracion de los vdf… uno por uno ok.

Sounds like you should update your T3000 front end which you can do here:

And from there you can follow an example for a Honeywell VFD integration here: