T3-TB Hardware Upgrade

Hi! I’m building ventilation system automation for my home and looks like T3-TB would be the perfect fit for my needs. What I’m interested in is there are any plans to support Rasperry CM for T3-TB? If my understanding is correct it’s already available for T3-LB/T3-BB. When using it what programming language/framework is used instead of Control Basic. Thanks.

You can plug the CM3 into the T3-BB, it has an HDMI port and supports the device well. What we don’t have is firmware to do anything with the hardware. If you are good at development in C/C++ we would support you, it’s a big task though.

The T3-TB uses ‘control basic’ to control the IO, its an IF THIS THEN THAT type programming language. Its easy for controls contractors and building managers to do their own programming of HVAC applications.