STM32 Code for ESP32 TStat10

With our sample ESP32 based TStat10 units inbound, we started looking in more detail at the code and the schematics and noticed that the ESP32 is indicated to be controlling an STM32 unit according to the schematics here:

Does the ESP32 push code to the STM32 to run there as the small programs that are written in Control basic or is there some portion of the repository, or other repository where that code is based? We have not thus far not been able to identify what code is run on the STM32 in looking at the code in the repository.



The STM microcontroller is just for expanding the IO on the ESP32. The code for the STM is available as well but for the most part it doesnt change. You can dig into the ESP32 code and will see the protocol being used and the data structures.

Update: I hear the Tstat10s with ESP32 shipped out yesterday, you will receive them in a day or two. You can let us know what sort of features you are interested in seeing and perhaps we can cooperate and/or sponsor your work.

Thanks Maurice,

That will help in our understanding.