T3 Nano users and login problems

I set T3 user name and password in the Setting, User login and save to flash with T3000 software, but it lost after unplug the power.
This is my firmware version, I just receive it yesterday.

Update: I try to update the firmware using T3000 app, then it show update firmware failed, and now it not see in the T3000, what should I do now? Now only power and ether led.

Update1: I use Flash tool and re flash file version 63.3 and it work now, but the version lower than original version 63.4

The best way to do a firmware update is to use the firmware update system, it will automatically download the latest & greatest firmware for your device. Its usually kept up to date, you can try again later if you think you are not getting the latest version.


I follow your guide and firmware now is 63.3 lower than original firmware and error still there.

I updated version 63.5, user information now still there if power outage but it not require login. Before the power outage, every time I open T3 Nano it ask for user name and password, but after I unplug the power and re power it, it not ask anymore. Can you upload the latest code to GitHub? So I can try to fix the issue.

Sounds more like an issue with T3000 application itself. Fandu will have a look at this with you and we’ll push the latest code for the T3 controllers to github.

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Any update about this?

From reading the posts again, I beleive you said you have changed the name, cycled the power, then lost the product name in the process. We havent been able to reproduce the issue here but there’s a couple tips here to help:

I am not sure exactly when the devices will write to flash, but they will cache changes to avoid writing to often which can wear out the flash. Its possible you cycled power before the device managed to save the name to flash. Also naming and renaming devices in the tree had some issues way back, be sure you are running the latest T3000 software.

If you are still having trouble I need to ask you to repeat your test, but this time do thr file, save as, to save your prog file, then do a file → load of the resulting prog file. Doing this will force a write to the flash of all settings at the end of the file load process. Then cycle power, you should not lose the device name.

It saved user name and password to the ESP32 flash, but the T3000 do not require login after power cycle, that is the problem (user and password there after I update the firmware), I also restart the T3000 app, or install to other PC. When check the require login option, set user name and password to T3 Nano, T3000 app must ask for user name and password every-time I enter it’s settings. I update to the latest T3000 using the update function in the app. I will try to test like you said.

OK so we need to rename this topic (done). I can ask an engineer to mess around with logins and cycling power as you describe.