T3 Controller reading and writing its own registers

Can we read/write Temco register by our own program e.g. what if I want to set my output-1 range (reg-7292) in my logic.

It will be a very useful feature to make projects more dynamic.

My own T3-XX devices are polled (read and write) by several devices:
By my own plc’s (Semaphore Tbox) and by Virtuino IOT (on Windows and Android). Without any problems.
The T3 unit is running its own program and my other modbus devices are polling data regularly and send data in case my plc needs to activate some DO.
You can also use Node-red on a computer/raspberry to access data (read/write) through the modbus TCP client node (input/output).

In my own case, I have a PLC that is the center of my automation network (it collects data from various systems: plc and T3-XX) and I added Hubitat that integrates other systems (lights, various sensors, switches) to get a consistent automation center.


Thanks Mike, so nice of you

I agree this would be a good feature, we could use it to do a self test of the controllers during production for example. A program could set the range, close some relays, test the results and run through a complete hardware check. In the end we used a separate controller to send those commands similar to what Mike has done in his system. This is the work around for now: use a separate controller to send the commands.

If we weren’t so slammed with tasks right now I would add it to the hotlist but it could be a while.

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