T3 controller manipulating its own Range Registers?

Is it possible for a T3000 program to read and write its own Input Range registers? If so, what is the correct syntax?

The application here would be for a program to be able to reconfigure inputs for multiple applications. For one application we might want IN3 to be a temp sensor. For another application we might want IN3 to monitor a dry contact input. Then one T3000 program could support more than one functional application without the need to reload software. We would only need to change a “flag” variable.


Dave Dudley PLC Group

Sorry but the controllers can’t read and write to themselves. It would be a good idea I agree but things are pretty busy here with the developers busy on an upcoming change of CPU. You could do a work around and put the program in a separate controller, this can work with the system as it is now. Check the forum for ‘network programming’ and you will see the syntax to read & write to various devices on the IP network and RS485 subnets.