Dedicated Display

Hi All,
I have recently been experimenting with the T3000 controller and software, with a view to implement it alongside the other BMS kit I have been using for years, and I like it.

A problem I am having is that the consultants that spec. the systems we engineer all insist on a dedicated keyboard and display separate to any PC based controls, which connects directly to the controller.

Most other systems use either a small alphanumeric display and keypad (similar to that on bottom of the T3-BB), or more recently a colour touchscreen.

Has anybody any ideas, or is it already possible with any of the kit Temco already has ?

Many thanks in advance.


Hello Dave, thanks for your post here. Wish I could offer a little keypad as you describe. There’s just so many parameters to deal with that we had to make the call: to properly manage these devices you’ll need a PC running T3000.
There are some small tablet PC’s out there if that helps, there’s one on the Temco web site in fact:

Hi Maurice, many thanks for the response.
What I was thinking of is a last resort emergency control to allow a few (15-20) set points to be altered to allow a user to keep a system going until an engineer can attend. I would never want any engineering setting to be changed.
I think that more than 50% of our call outs are IT based (people messing with IP addresses, firewalls etc.), rather than actual BMS problems.
That is why the consultants specifying equipment have turned against systems relying on windows based software for user control. Most controllers we use now have internal web servers to allow user control via a simple browser.
It is a shame that this is not an option you are thinking of adopting, as I find the flexibility of your system and its ability to use a simple BASIC style program really good.

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I am always keen to help grow the market. Let’s keep the discussion going.

Maurice Duteau

Hi Maurice

Looking at your product line would the TStat9 hardware work as a small display ?
It is panel mount with a landscape oriented display and an arrow keypad.
You could have a simple menu driven system with 5 or 6 main menu items, leading to sub menu with again 5 or 6 items each. You would obviously need some sort of editing software which could either be included within the main T3000 package or as a separate entity, if it is easier. The various tags could then be attached to the menu items and updated across one of the RS485 ports as BACnet data.
I don’t know how complicated this would be to implement ? I think it would I be useful not only as a backup system as I have previously described, but you could also use this for small standalone systems, or on sub panels within much more complicated systems to allow for local maintenance purposes.
I am interested to here your thoughts.

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Thats a good idea, for sure. It can be done easily. And as my wife likes to remind me, all it takes is TIME and MONEY. Unfortunately right now we are bogged down with a lot of urgent tasks.

If you have a developer there I would support you in this project. Source code, schematics and so on are all available to get you started.

Maurice Duteau

Hi Maurice, yes I understand totally where you are coming from. If you get chance could you please send through some schematics and code for the relevant items. I will take a look over the weekend, with a view to presenting it to the bosses at the Monday meeting.
I think I know what they will say, having previous experience of jumping into the middle of somebody else’s project, but it is in my opinion worth a good look.

Many thanks,

Its actually already on Github:
Let me know if you get going on this and we’ll assist, ESPECIALLY if you share some work.