Settign up expansion IO on T3 controllers

Hi Maurice,

Perfect! I have a T3E-886 expansion I/O device and was wondering if I purchase a T3-Nano and write the outdoor reset program in the T3-Nano and use BACnet over MS/TP to control the outputs on the T3E-886? And it that is true can this be done for other BACnet MS/TP 3rd party devices?

The IO of the T3E expansion modules will appear in your Nano just like any on board IO. Check in the advanced setup screen, there is a place to define your expansion IO modules there. I dont have a controller with me just now but this is where you configure the expansion IO. Once you have this done you can refer to IN1, OUT6 and so on as if the io were directly on board the Nano.

To manage 3rd party bacnet devices you can refer to their IO by referencing the bacnet instance. Network programming is described in more detail here: