Connecting Third-party Bacnet device to T3-BB

I was trying to connect T3-BB to a third-party BACnet device. I already have a code running on my device by which it will find the other BACnet device and objects connected to T3-BB. But the thing is the OS of that third-party device is Linux. And since I have to provide the port I’m not quite sure to which port it’s connected. I’m using a USB to RS485 connection to connect my third-party device to T3-BB. Is it “ttyUSBn” series or “/dev/usb/hiddev”. Do you have any idea about this?
Thank you.

I replied in the email and will post here as well: You’ll have to get the communication between your PC and the bacnet device going first. If its MSTP you’ll need a USB-485 converter. If its IP then just plug the device into your LAN. Use T3000 → tools → Bacnet tool to make sure you can see all the bacnet objects. Once you have that going you can try connecting to the T3 controller subnet. Just make sure the communication settings for the T3 controller match the device. You can use the network health dialog to check that the bytes are flowing.

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Thanks, Maurice.
we could make the connection using a USB-RS485 converter. And also could detect them in T3000 software. I still wanted to know can we have the same MSTP connection using Ethernet to RS485 converter instead of USB to RS485 converter ?. We actually don’t have an Ethernet to rs485 converter but if it supports it would be great and we will use it.

That would be a function of the features of the Ethernet converter you have. Our T3-Nano is a similar device and it does support ethernet to RS485 communications in both directions. Plus its programmable so you can add alarms, conversion programs, trend logs and all the usual features of our T3 controllers, check it out.

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Okay, thanks for your support, Maurice.