T3-8o no beat

Hello, I purchase few months ago a T3-80,
I apply power on it and LED power and fuse are ON
but beat stay silent ,
can u tell me why ?

I also have a T3-bb-32i and the controller screen is flashing on/off with nothing on the display. In mean time is his scrolling from DO1 to AO12 permanently.
what can be the problem ?

thank u in advance

During the first few seconds after power up the devices will be in the ‘ISP’ or "In system programming; mode, the power LED will be on fully and the ‘Beat’ LED will be doing two short blips repeating every second or so. In your case with the fuse LED on that means there is something going on with the hardware or a ground loop somewhere in the system. Its a self resetting fuse so if you could try with all network cables and other devices disconnected and the FUSE led still comes on then we’ll need to get the board back for repair. We’ll repair boards for free for as long as you care to maintain them, there’s no time limit to the offer but we do ask you to pay shipping both ways.

In the case of the T3-BB, this board is booting in ‘ISP’ mode with two short blips on the beat LED and then resetting, this is normally a result of a bad firmware update. A good unit will switch to ‘normal’ mode with the beat LED flashing with one blip every second or so, and in your case the T3-BB never makes it to normal mode. You can recover the device by following the steps to reflash it here.