T3-886 Point Expander BO-1 & AO-1

I just received a T3-886 Point Expander and have it setup for Bacnet MSTP. When I try to connect to Bo-1 or AO-1 I get a Bacnet error that the point is invalid. When I do a Bacnet discovery AO-1 shows up with question marks and none of the BO’s show up. I have no issues writing to BO’s 2-6 or AO’s 2-8. Also All the inputs work correctly. Thanks in advance for your help. Bob

Could you connect up with the T3000 application, you can download it from the product pages. From there you can configure the range of the outputs. Remember that an analog output can be configured as a binary output, to energize a relay for example, and it will show up as a BO once its configured to the on-off range. Here output 14 at Tab1 is an analog output but its configured to operate as a binary output at Tab2 and subsequently shows up as BO14 in the bacnet objects at Tab3.


Solved the issue. The controller needed a firmware update. I can now write to all the AO’s and BO’s but the BO’s are not discoverable. The 8 AO’s are the only outputs that show up. And yes I am running the T3000 software.

A few screen shots would help, similar to below. The BO’s are there in my T3-BB unit. Spring will try with a T3-E expansion module and report back.


please update firmware to rev5.2 by T3000 ->Help->Check for Updates->Download Firmware And Update .

BO can be shown in YABE .