BACnet communicated inputs not matching T3000 inputs

I am having an issue with a T3-LB board communicating incorrectly over BACnet MS/TP.

When I view my input list on the T3000 software I can correctly see my inputs. They have the correct name and value for what the condition actually is. I am pulling these inputs in to a larger BACnet MS/TP system. See image

However, when I view what data using the BACnet (YABE) tool to see what is being communicated I see the following. Only about 4 or 5 of the binary input objects match what they should be via the input table.

I have 3 other identical systems with this same set up but this is the only one I am having issues with.
I have already tried to upload the .prog file from on of the working devices and that did not work. Please help!

Yabe may need to be closed then reopened. it doesn’t refresh itself after it’s initial bacnet scan.

Before I reconnected to the higher level system I checked both tables and they were matching. Once i had it back online, the points were mapped and it showed the points incorrectly again. A further scan confirmed it was sending the incorrect information again.

Our team will investigate and report back on Monday

What is your firmware revision? or you can update it to latest one. It is my test screenshot below,

I recently updated the firmware on all the modules, version is [mini_arm_rev62.7.hex]. I will double check that it stuck. I am planning to wipe this card again and rebuild the input table from scratch.

After uploading the working .prog file, the tables matched as you show. Once it was hooked back up to the higher level system was when it got skewed.

We’re not clear what you mean by “the higher level system”, are you working with expansion T3E expansion modules connected to a T3 controller, if so the expansion IO will get their definition and other details from the T3 which they are connected to.

There is an overall building automation system. The status of various systems and processes can be monitored from one interface. It is pulling my data points and feeding them into that system. The T3 is only being used to collect and transmit the data to that building automation system. There is an RS485 main connecting the T3 to this larger network. I am not using an IO expansion, I just have a T3-LB.

Chelsea will study this more, you have given a good description of what is going on. From the looks of it up above, T3000 and Yabe agree with each other until you connect some 3rd party devices on the T3 subnet. When this happens Yabe gets scrambled but everything from T3000 looks OK still.

One thing you could check is that all devices have a unique bacnet instance number, if there were a duplicate that could potentially mess things up in Yabe.

Alos you can do a quick test: disconnect the RS485 subnet, cycle power on the T3 controller and restart both T3000 and Yabe to see if they agree with each other again. Then reconnect the subnet and compare again.

And ideally show us a wireshark capture of the MSTP data during when this happens.