BB Controller & Expansion communication

Hi to All,
We have a T3BB controller connected to a T3E-886 expansion module. Everything is ok until some values in the controller are changing. The view of the output in the T3E expansion IO page on its own the value doesn’t match what is seen when viewing it as expansion points on the T3-BB.

Another issue is when AO goes to more than 60% the voltage output drops to 1 Volt ( AO : 0-100% , 0-10Vdc) . Below 60% the output is OK. I swapped the T3E expansion module but it did not help. Please check the pictures.
PS : every thing is disconnected and I am testing the controller on the desktop. photo_2022-08-27_16-02-57|690x388

Mizban Roof C56 14010524 .prog (65.6 KB)

The analog output not hitting 10V, this points to a possible power supply issue. Make sure there is no damper motor or valve connected to the output, set the output to manual 100% and check the reading with a volt meter. If it doesn’t hit 10V this could mean the power supply is not high enough, you need about 15VDC or 12VAC to give some headroom for the voltage drops of the power supply and analog output circuitry.

You can manually toggle an output in order to test it by setting the Auto/Man to Manual mode and type in the 100% for value.

Update: I see from your screen shots that in the ‘expansion IO view’ the outputs are not matching the view from the ‘T3-BB view’, this could be due to delays in the expansion subnet communications. Could I ask you to set the outputs each to a different value: out31 to manual 100%, out33 to manual 80% and out34 to manual 60% and check what you see with that. If there is still a mismatch I will have our team will check into this.



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Thanks Dear Maurice ,
we did another test( different power supply ,discontented field ) but the result is same .
please notice that ( based on attached picture ), the problem is something between controller and expansion .
output show correctly in controller but expansion cart show another numbers and has the same voltage . problem is something related to sending data from controller to expansions , whereas communication is stable .

and interestingly its like a fixed algorithm . when in controller is 100 > expansion is 34,6 . and 90 > 24,6 and 80 > 14,6 and …!

I tested the output in several ways and failed to reproduce the problem you encountered.
T3000.exe version Aug 30 2022
T3 MCU version 62.5
T3 expansion firmware version 5.7
Please update all the devices and also your T3000 application itself. If the problem persists send us the prog file and a few more screen shots, I was not clear what you mean there about the ‘fixed algorithm’. As suggested by Maurice further above, set the outputs to manual mode and each output at a different value and show what you see in both views.

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Hi Fance
about fixed algorith , i mean every time output in controller is 100 , expansion goes 34,6 . Or controller is 90 percent , expansion is 24,6 . expansion was checked and manually every thing is ok . i will change the software to latest version and let you know, thanks

Hi again
i cant find 62.5 in Temco ftp but 62.6 is there .
we updated cart and expansion to mentioned version ,also software.
same problem , please check attachments.

we updated this controller with 62,6 firmware very hardly . not via ethernet , only with RS485 we did it . but after all this , we saw that analog output totally was not work in this version , and after that we want to downgrade and finally lost the controller!!! the controller ip is pinged but cant not download any firmware . attached pic . rs485 also does not work at all!

Extending the Output of IO and Controller, when these are set to Manual, their values are the same.When set to Auto, their values change automatically, so there is no problem here.In addition, we found that the Bacnet priority Array would affect some functions of output when we just updated 62.6. We will withdraw the version of 62.6 and release the version of 62.7 after detailed testing.