Equivalent to Bootloader for T3 Nano Instructions for TStat10

Having received the TStat10 on ESP32, we are trying to understand which if any of these instructions are applicable to the TStat10 with its RS485 connection. The page provides some instructions but does indicate when making these changes would be required.

We would like to understand what steps are required to flash a new load to the chip when a new load is created for the TStat10.

From readings on the Espressif pages, the ROM bootloader loads a second bootloader to do custom flash layout among other things. In the instructions, above, two bootloaders are provided. Does this mean there are 3 bootloaders for the T3/TStat10? What does the basic bootloader and T3 version of the bootloader do?

I am happy to modify the instructions or a create a new version for the TStat10 document once I have the knowledge to do so.

We have subsequently investigated the serial output when we plug the RS485 to USB converter into the TStat10 and can see that we are looking at a UART port for the ESP32 chip.

Is the ESP32 Download Tool intended to be used to communicate via this port for flashing new software revisions or is it not the correct tool for the TStat10?

If it is the right tool, do we need to modify any physical headers to enable the ESP32 to be programmed over this port as we saw headers that only seem to switch between STM and ESP32 programming?

We are familiar with setting ESP32 chips into an update mode to be able to flash them.

If we need to modify and flash the bootloaders, ota or partition-table information, where are the repositories for creating the following binaries? We see that the BootloaderT3NanoRev27.zip has the final files.