Restore a bricked T3-BB-32i controller?


Earlier today I attempted to update the firmware on a T3000 controller (model T3-BB-32i) via the “help > check for updates > download new firmware” method, and had an error regarding the bootloader version (I cannot recall the exact error message), and after trying to update bootloader version via ISPtool the controller seems to have bricked itself.

The only LED that now lights up is the “OK” LED, when I power cycle the controller its’ beat LED does not flash at all and I have had no luck getting the controller to communicate.

Is it possible to factory reset this controller or is there something else I can try to recover it?



If the LED does not flicker with two quick blips, repeating every second or so after power up, this means the bootloader has somehow been corrupted. This is fortunately a rare incident but evidently that’s what has happened here. We can help you restore the bootloader but we’ll need to coordinate a shipment for a dongle. Send an email please to sales3 (at) temcocontrols (dot) com.


Thank you for the response.

I attempted to send an email as advised but the email was unable to be delivered.

I see it should be sales3@.


Thank you again, I have sent a email to the provided address.