Remote & Local Connections to Controller

I am working on a simple controller project based on a single T3-BB. I want to have both local and remote access to the controller. A local PC will run T3000 software continuously, whileremote access will be required only occasionally.

I realise I will have to set up port forwarding for the remote PC access in both the main site router and the local router (where the T3 and local PC connect)

Is there any conflict between the local and remote PCs if they are both connected to the T3 at the same time?

I have connected two PCs on the bench via a switch to the controller (using the same log-in details) and both appear to function properly. Are there any problems to look out for?


There is no conflict if more than one PC is connected to the T3 at the same time. They can support several simultaneous connections, the response time will slow down with more connections but should not be noticeable with just two.

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