T3-11 controllers

Can I use the T3-b11 controllers as: the 1st one as an IP main controller and the 2nd one as has a bacnet controller.if so how?.

All the controllers support all the features so you can use any of them to do any task you like. One can be connected to the LAN to do the IP communications, and another can be connected to a subnet of the first over RS485. There’s some typical wiring diagrams in our documentation, have a read through that and if there are still questions you can ask.

I followed all wireing connections. The Red-Green Communications leds are both blinking,That means the two controllers are talking to each other.but I don’t see the 2nd controller on the laptop. I tried the scan and it dosen,t pick it up. Any suggestions? I have both T3’s bacnet main set at 38000.

Each controller needs a unique panel ID for communications over the lan/IP communications which is set at Tab1. Each device on the RS485 subnet also requires a unique ID as well which is set at Tab2. I generally set the Panel ID the same as the MAC id to make things easier to remember, Panel1 uses MAC ID1 and so on.

If you have trouble reaching a device over RS485 you can try over the ethernet connection if it has that. If you are working over RS485 you should power up only one device at a time.