High frequency pulse counter

Hello, I have a T3-LB-WIFI-1kPT controller and I am using it to count the pulses of a hall-effect flowmeter.
I have configured the input I12 as (Pulse Count (Fast 100Hz) and connect the signal from the flowmeter.
Why do the LEDs of the controller inputs start to flash and sometimes all the LEDs of the controller inputs turn off?
Why touch the input I12 configured as Pulse (Count (Fast 100Hz) with the finger of the hand), the LEDs will also blink and the controller starts counting pulses.
Could it be because the T3-LB-WIFI-1kPT controller constantly reboots when I am programming with the T3000 or manually forcing any output or variable.?
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There are some known issues with the LEDS when using the latest high speed counter firmware, we assume the firmware of the top LED board is a more recent version.

The controller isn’t resetting, its just some erratic activity on the LEDs due to firmware version differences. We’ll do a fix for this asap.