Programming the T3 controllers offline

I received a question today from a client normally using a Rockwell system but interested in checking out the T3 controllers to get a feel for the system before purchasing the actual hardware. Here’s my reply:

You can indeed do some experimenting offline without having the actual hardware on hand. After downloading and installing T3000 you will right click on the tree at Tab1, then select add a virtual device at Tab2 and finally pick which device you’d like to add at Tab3. From there you’ll be able to fill out the inputs & outputs, do programming, graphics and pretty much everything you’d do on a live system. The one exception is that the virtual device wont run the user programming logic, the programs are just sitting in the PC memory and not actually running. Once you have done some programming you can save the *.prog file which can be loaded to a controller later.

Final Note: The network ID at Tab4 can be changed when you load the program to the T3 controller, the software will automatically rework the program to match the ID of whatever device you’re sending the program to, in the background transparently.

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Thanks Maurice. This is a helpful post for your customers too. Another suggestion is to do what I did. Just pony up about $100 and get the smallest T3. Then experiment with that. That is not a lot of $'s for a pilot program.

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