Pi reading modbus registers

Hi…have any TCP/IP organizing issues been accounted for the RevPiConnect? In particular, has anybody detailed the Pi recognizing a question for information yet never really reacting with the information without the mentioning host starting a TCP Retransmission? I am running a RevPiConnect as a Modbus passage gadget and am seeing this issue. A host PC running procedure control programming is on the TCP/IP side of the passage and various RS485 slave gadgets are on the opposite side. All slave gadgets have been freely confirmed to reliably react to peruse/compose demands inside 20 msec or less without disappointment.

RevPi Connect: Had to search to see what that in fact is, looks like a nice unit.
This question would be best posted on the RevPi Connect web site, right!

I notice it is based on the Raspberry Pi compute module, same as what’s inside our T3-PiRouter. Perhaps this Node Red solution put together by Brent using the Pi based hardware and our Tstat10 programmable thermostats will be useful, he used Modbus protocol here.


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