Hello Maurice
I tried to create a basket but it seems not working.
I thought first I need to register to create a basket but after logins properly, I have the same problem
Each I click on “add to basket” button,
The number of articles in my basket stay to 0 and a nice Chinese message comes saying that my basket is empty …

So what do I need to do?
I tried to do it from my laptop with Firefox rather than safari on my iPad.
It works a little better, I can add all component except the T3 controllers.
Thanks for your help

Hi Pierre,

We have found a caching issue on our system, it was showing you an old version of some parts of the page, I think this is the cause of your problem.

Now we have fixed this issue, you can try placing your order now if you like.

I placed an order today with basic component to continue investigation the best compromise for my installation .

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