NTP Sync Issue

I’m running latest T3000 and firmware 60.6, but I’m having issues syncing the clock using NTP. I have a laptop on the same wifi and it sync’s with the NTP server (time.windows.com) without any issues, but the Tstat10 does not. It looks like there is a response from the NTP server after I press the “Update” button and the status bar says “SYNC time sucess”, but the clock doesn’t change at all. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong? Thanks!

Chelsea will check this asap

Chelsea, please let me know if I can provide you with any other details, thanks.

I am having the same issue, and i am wondering if it is causing the “Write program code timeout” errors when sending programs to the device.

Hi, can we get an update on this? Has anyone had success with NTP on the Tstat10?


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