Newbie using PT1000 and OAT1000 on T3-TB

Hi folks,
Just getting going with Temco hardware. We’re trying to use the T3-TB as a field data interface with temp, humidity, occupancy, etc. Then, the data will be imported into the main PLC over Modbus TCP.

In bench testing, I hooked up two PT1000 to inputs 1 and 2. The software found the T3-TB and the I found the setup data for the probes in the drop down menu (Range PT 1K -200 to 300) and (Sensor PT 1K).

However, I was a bit surprised that I had to add a calibration number to get a temperature even close to reality. Even then, the values roll up and down over a significant range. For what its worth, the real world range only needs to be -40 to +40 C.

Is there something I’m missing? Do I need pullup/pulldown? I just expected to find a built-in drop-down menu item related to the specific probes.


The 1k Pt range is a new feature and only works with the latest 1kPt version of hardware. On the earlier firmware and T3000 front end it may not do the appropriate checks and let you set the range as 1k Pt even if you don’t actually have hte hardware. You could update T3000 and it should be aware of the non-1k-Pt type hardware and not let you set the range.

We can arrange to swap your hardware or you can order the new 1k Pt type on the web site. The 1k Pt option is new so not sure what you will see when ordering but you can just specify ‘1k Pt capable’ in the notes.

Hi Maurice,
Thanks for the info. The T3-TB I have was delivered two weeks ago.

Is there a way to check if the hardware is 1k ready?

In the interim, I’ll do an update on the software to see if the 1k will be blocked.

The 1k Pt are not formally in production yet and also not on the website yet, anything you ordered already will not be 1k Pt capable.

They will be shown on the website soon as a new suffix. In the mean time, order and mention you want the 1k Pt type in the notes.

Maurice Duteau

Thanks again, Maurice

I have some other sensors I can use for testing at the moment.

I’ll follow your suggestions for future orders.


Tom Sisk