Are 1K Pt temperature probes supported?

I have several 1K temperature probes existing in my system such as Honeywell 50021579-001 and C7031D2003/U. I want to use these sensors with the BB controller and can’t seem to figure out if the sensor is supported. I read the inputs in thermister mode use a 10K pullup to read a 10K probe… this would seem to prevent me from using a 1K probe like the honewells above? I see that I can make a table but im unsure of the values to enter and if it will be accurate. Please advise.

I have been meaning to add support for 1k Pt sensors. You can build a table but the resolution is going to be poor, for a given change of 1 Deg the 1k Pt’s will change only a few ohms whereas the 10k thermistors will change many hundreds of ohms. We’ll have to make some hardware changes in order to get any sort of resolution from the 1k Pt sensors. Give us about a month and I should have something to show.

Update: We’re late but getting close, should have 1k Pt option for the T3-XX series controllers in ~ 2 weeks. The main PCB will stay the same, only one small module needs to be swapped out so if you happen to have hardware on hand already we can send some modules your way.

This is great news. I really was not looking forward to swapping out all the 1K sensors I already have installed. Please let me know what I need to do to get a module for a T3-BB. Ill be making an order soon. Ill be glad to add it to it.

Did this ever happen?

Yes, the boards are done. They’re not in full production just yet so do give us a heads up when you order. If you would like to retrofit these new boards into some existing controllers I’ll work up a part number for you.

I would like to add this to a T3-BB I already have. Should I just add notes into an order? What is the cost?

Sure, we’ll include the modules in an upcoming shipment for free.

March Update: Boards are ready and making their way into general production. If there are any projects where you need them let us know and we’ll be sure to populate with 1k Pt capable modules.