Multi Day Schedules getting messed up

Setting schedules on monday/08:00 & stop /fri/18:00

T3-BB update with new firmware mini_arm_rev53.1.hex
I need start AHU on monday/08:00 & stop /fri/18:00
first setup setup sched on/monday/08:00 off/fri/18:00 as below
and it work

but after repower the T3-BB ,the t3000 automatic shift as below
t3000 resort , shift monday ON-0800 to OFF-0800

please check&point out my mistake operate

I have/had a similar problem trying to start a chiller at 8a every Monday and off at 7:59 on Thursday. I ended up writing a program with if statements to accomplish the same thing. But I have some fan schedules on lines 3, 4 & 5 that do work. And I recently added a schedule called SUNUP on the 6th line and it works. So my suggestion for a workaround is to put some dummy schedules on the first couple lines and put your actual schedule on the 3rd line. It might just work fine.

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Please update to the latest T3000 and then click “Clear Schedule” to clear the existing data. We were experimenting with some flags to make the Bacnet more compatible and managed to mess something up there in the process, sorry. There is also some new 53.4 firmware that you may as well download as well, it will be useful if you are integrating Bacnet schedules into other systems.

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