Motor Feedback Tachometer Frequency Input

I have a controller T3-TB reading the open collector output below. We originally thought it was 0-10v but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Please let me know if this is something that can be read and how if possible. We are trying to read motor speed. Thanks, Bryan

I’d put the input range to ON/OFF and signal type to Thermistor/Dry Contact. This will engage a weak pullup resistor tied high with 3V on board the T3 controller. It will be in parallel with the 10V pullup on board your motor control board which will overwhelm the weak 3V pullup and should work. Put a volt meter on GND and A1 and you should see a 10V pulse there, then tie in the T3 input to GND and A1 and hopefully the pulses will register on the T3.
Let me know how you make out, we can set up a test here on Monday if need be.