High Speed Counters

All of the T3 controller and T3E expansion modules can accept pulses as input signals. These can be a dry contact or an NPN/PNP signal with its own excitation signal.

All inputs can accept ‘low speed’ pulse counters and a few of the inputs can also accept high speed inputs. The ‘high speed’ counters can capture 1kHz signals and the ‘low speed’ counters are limited to around 1Hz.

The pulse counter range is useful for metering applications while the new RPM range is useful for tachometer applications of fans & pumps.

Here are the specifications for the minimum pulse width and the maximum frequency for each type of input.

Update Aug 2020: As of firmware version 53 the T3-BB series controllers can support up to 1khz on the high speed inputs, earlier firmware versions are only good to 100hz.

The T3000 user interface is aware of the hardware type and will only let you select a high speed counter or RPM range if that particular input supports high speed pulses. In the example below this is a low speed input so the high speed ranges at Tabs 2 and 3 are greyed out, only the low speed counter at Tab1 is selectable.