Learning Control Basic Programming


I am having to do a lot of code clear and blank load because some code isn’t working after I modify it. It’s not bad but a nuisance when trying to learn how “Control Basic” works…

Any thoughts?

Also I’ve had to do counts in half value increments because this IF+ seems to be running twice after W1 is started…
110 IF+ W1 THEN CMP1STRT = CMP1STRT + 0.500

At some point in time I am going to send you the whole program for you to review. Is there a way to do that privately?


Im having the same issue but also with the points. It would be working fine and i would save some changes then the bind to the point would show up as a local variable in the editor.

I have found highlighting the whole program and ctrl X send the program blank and then ctrl V and send the program seems to clear up most of the non-starts and false starts. It hasn’t cleared up the IF+ statement double and triple counts. I’ve even rebooted the BB to correct some of the blips.

Ive found that using a “wait 1” at the top or bottom of the program to make the program run at 1 second intervals helps a lot with things like that.


Jim, we’ll give it a shot!

You could put a trend log on W1 and CMP1STRT, this will assist with your debugging. If W1 is a dry contact input you could be picking up some contact bounce. A workaround would be:

110 IF+ TIME-ON( W1 ) > 0:0:01 THEN CMP1STRT = CMP1STRT + 1


I’ll give that a shot today!



Edit, two months later: BTW, been really busy! May actually have a few of these controllers sold! Thank you again for your help!