LCD Customisation On Airlab

I have a request from a client to hide the temperature reading on the Airlab LCD displays installed.
The site advertises the ability to blank the whole screen but the client just wants to hide the temperature reading. They have another display in the same room showing room temperature.

Thanks for pushing us, the crew did some features with the backlight already. You’ll want to update T3000 itself first, it can deal with firmware updates for older devices better and (soon) can handle updates over both Bacnet and Modbus protocols. After updating T3000 you can update the device firmware. T3000 -> help -> check for updates.

We added a new feature to let you blank out the temperature display. Rev11.9 adds this feature, we’lll need to add it to the T3000 user interface. In the meantime you can manually write to Modbus register reg1956 and set it to 20.

Not to be too pushy, but will this display functionality be expanded to more than just the temperature values?

I am not too clear what you mean with that but what we have now is the ability to configure any of the four lines to show temperature, humidity, VOC, C02, or blank. In the near future we will add PM2.5 air particle and pressure sensor options.

Thanks, that’s the configuration functionality that I was asking about. Has the online version of the Modbus Register list been updated to include this feature?

Not sure off hand, am out of the office for a few days. you could update t3000 and have a look.

Maurice Duteau

I updated T3000 to the 3/22 version and those registers are listed there in the Register Viewer now, but not in the online version. Since we would only be using the T3000 software for initial configuration before deployment on a project, we would also need offline hard copies of the register list (for any hardware that we would deploy) that included all data elements used in the devices.

the register list can be found in the t3000 install folder. search around for *. mdb files and it will turn up.

I’d dig out the actual location and send a copy but I am on the bike for the next couple days.

Maurice Duteau

Thanks, I’ll find it. Enjoy your ride!